Website Design Pricing

Stylish and elegant custom designs at affordable prices. Our websites not only look great but are tailored to suit your dreams, not ours. We just add that little extra to ensure you get noticed in the right way.

Website design pricing

We have several price brackets depending on the level of functionality and customisation of your new site

All sites can sell any amount of products from one page to one hundred pages. With this in mind we do not have a separate option for e-commerce site creation, but will simply tailor your site to suit your products no matter how large it is. However a typical e-commerce site will start at around $3,500.

All prices exclude GST.
Price range depends on the amount of pages required for your site.

The lower price represents the most basic 4 page option in each category. Prices may exceed the upper limit shown below depending on the required amount of products and pages.

Get me online!


This is a single page solution that will provide you with a simple information portal and a space for collecting customer contact information. This is the recommended minimum when considering any internet marketing options.


Just make it simple...

This is our starter price range for a basic website. Generally it will be a pre-structured format with plenty of flexibility, but little to no customisation. This site will generally be a WordPress or other CMS (Content Management System) setup.

$1,250 - $2,000

Now you're talking!


OK, so you want a few more bells and whistles and that out of the box look just doesn't suit you. Here is where things start to get interesting. A moderate level of customisation in design and implementation. Ideal for more creative or complex sites.

$1,800 - $4,000

OMG! Wow factor plus...


Everything you'd expect from a high end website and more... now the magic really starts to happen. Every element is master crafted to suit you, your customers and your marketing plan. There is a high level of consulting on these websites and we include full SEO setup, so your site not only looks amazing but is poised to climb the rankings and bring in your customers from day one.

$3,500 - $10,000

Extra Options


1. Sign up for our basic hosting plan and receive free SEO setup with your site.
2. Spend over $3,000 on your website and/or marketing plan and receive free website hosting for 6 months.
3. $300 SEO package - Basic SEO setup for your website. Includes tags, content editing, Site Maps, Geolocation and more.

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