Online Marketing

Marketing is the lifeblood of every business. The indispensable factor that brings your customers knocking at your door day in, day out. Without it your business will shrivel and die. You may think to yourself... My business is doing fine and I don't do any online marketing. The fact that you are doing fine in today's market without it says a lot about your product and service. In recent years the internet has overtaken every other means of people finding the information they are searching for. This transition has made phone business directories, encyclopaedias, video rentals and road maps a thing of the past. Facebook, Google and YouTube are the new corporate giants of today. Not only this, smart phones and tablets are now dominating the online market demonstrating not only a greater reliance on the internet but also the growing hunger for instant information.

With this massive shift to the online world any business that wants to succeed needs to seriously think about their online marketing strategy. For every potential client you don't manage to reach, be sure to understand that one of your competitors will. So, instead of wondering whether or not to market online. The question quickly becomes... What kind of marketing engine do you have? A modern fuel injected, turbo charged, performance engine or an old steam traction engine? Our online marketing services will help build you the type of engine you always dreamed of.

Our Online Marketing Services

Having a website is definitely one of the most important steps to marketing successfully online. But remember that before people can use your shiny new website your customers/clients first have to know you exist and find you online. The internet is a very large place and everyone is clamoring for a slice of the pie. In the past businesses with the deepest pockets have been the most successful, but with today's social media and our desire for information readily and easily things are changing. Search engines are focused on content and relevance as the most important factors along with speed, social receptivity, authority and reliability.

No matter which package you choose our services will help drive traffic to your business, helping you rise above your competitors in local searches.

Online Vs. Offline Marketing

When it comes to marketing there is no single thing that will work absolutely every time as it should. It is usually a process of trial and elimination as every business is different. It is however, good practice to cover all the bases and as such online businesses also have a lot of success with offline marketing processes, which may help them to reach new target demographics or perhaps those that don't utilise the internet like a teenager. Offline methods can also lend you a trust factor and give your business the impression of being a more stable and therefore trustworthy entity. After all, it is perception that will keep new customers trying your service time and time again.

At Vivid Design Co we also specialise in offline marketing and have many helpful services that can increase your business without having to spend a small fortune. For a rundown of our offline marketing services please see our offline marketing page. We also have a lot of helpful information in our newsletters which cover everything from touting to white hat linking.