Offline Marketing

We all know how wonderful and cost effective internet and social media marketing can be. The ease of getting your customers to come back time and time again. However, this is not the whole story. Offline or traditional media marketing is still a necessary part of any business, whether you are talking about a window display, advert in a glossy magazine or a TV advertising campaign. All these things have their place in finding and keeping new customers.

If internet marketing was the complete story then we would never come across ads on TV, in magazines or on the radio for internet companies as this would be a waste of time and money. The simple truth of the matter is that you need to reach your audience in many different ways and the totality of those mediums adds up to trust and consumer confidence.

To illustrate this concept, remember the last time you were told something new. Perhaps you took it with a grain of salt and dismissed the idea. Then you heard it from another source and somewhere in your brain a connection was made, the possibility that there is more to it. When you hear it from a third and different source, your brain makes a decision that if it is general knowledge then it must be true and perhaps you would respond with 'Yes I did know that... isn't it great!'

Our Offline Marketing Services

With a multitude of choices and options for your business marketing our services are focused on design and implementation of your campaign. We are happy to discuss with you the pro's and con's of TV and radio media but do not directly offer these services to our clients. We are happy to refer you to a reputable broker that can assist you in these areas at a much reduced cost.

No matter which package you choose our services will help drive traffic to your business, helping you rise above your competitors in the local market.

Offline Vs. Online Marketing

When it comes to marketing there is no single thing that will work absolutely every time as it should. It is usually a process of trial and elimination as every business is different. It is however, good practice to cover all the bases and as such any brick and mortar businesses wishing to succeed need to consider an online marketing approach. This may help you reach new target demographics or tap into social media hype. Online methods are also relatively cost effective, easy to implement and can give you almost instant results.

At Vivid Design Co we also specialise in online marketing and have many helpful services that can increase your business without having to spend a small fortune. For a rundown of our offline marketing services please see our online marketing page. We also have a lot of helpful information in our newsletters which cover everything from touting to white hat linking.