About Vivid Design Co

Vivid Design Co was conceived to not only deliver great design work, whether for online or offline purposes, but to give you the benefit of incorporating solid marketing techniques along with those designs. We know how frustrating it can be when your promised marketing campaign falls flat and the costs quickly outstrip your returns. We would like to share the benefit of our experience and knowledge with our clients to turn the tables in their favor.

Our Mission

To assist our clients in making informed decisions about their marketing and implementing cost effective strategies to improve their ROI.
We will achieve this in the following manner:

  • Educating our clients on the features and benefits of online marketing.
  • Implementing low cost / high return marketing strategies for our clients.
  • Creating a trusted and cohesive brand image in the market place.
  • Supplying high quality websites & designs to suit our client's needs.

Our History

Our founder Craig Debnam has been involved in computer and artistic endeavours since he was a child. He was always interested in stylised lettering and drawing and consistently achieved high marks on his school assignments where he could use these skills. This passion has followed him throughout his life. In his early teens Craig understood that while he could draw well, using a brush wasn't for him. He wanted to create life like images with a realistic quality and took on photography as a medium for reflecting this perfection. He excelled at photography understanding that the most important factor was an expression of light which created the emotional connection to shape and form. It was around this time that his childhood fascination for consoles and computers was put to some use and Craig learned basic programming languages. He designed games in his spare time and this passion for digital media has remained with him ever since.

After spending several years travelling in his twenties, Craig settled in Cairns. He became a portrait photographer and learned how to build websites in his spare time. Even though his work has been published Craig was looking for something more. With all his years as a photographer Craig learned the ins and outs of the Photoshop suite and taught himself how to create his ideas from the scraps of many ordinary images. The idea of creating extraordinary real life concepts and images became his focus. He took his designs through their infancy to maturity where they have found a balance between creativity and functionality. This has enabled him to find an outlet for this expression and be paid for his artwork.

Design has always been the left hand of marketing and seeing one design achieve successful outcomes while another, perhaps even more attractive design, failed led to a discovery of the intriguing world of marketing.

Throughout his years as a graphic designer, Craig learned about business and marketing techniques. He went to many seminars, read many books and followed the successes of larger corporations noting the connections between their products and strategies.

In 2009 he took his first role as a marketing manager in a local agricultural firm that had 8 branches up and down the coast. Under his stewardship they produced their first sales catalogue that was distributed all over Queensland. The first edition was successful and in only two years he increased the revenue from these catalogues by over 700%! During this time it became apparent that things were moving online and he endeavoured to learn as much as he could about online marketing and lead acquisition. He studied SEO techniques, blogging, PPC campaigns and perfected many online and offline techniques capable of successfully bringing any business into the modern online era.

In 2011 Craig started a successful marketing publication called Cairns Ad Mag which he later sold in 2014. The publication was delivered to over 60,000 homes in the region from Innisfail to Port Douglas and the Tablelands. Building relationships is the key to business and many of those old Ad Mag customers still enlist his services. Vivid Design Co was started in 2016 and has implemented our unique style of marketing since. We now cater for almost every eventuality in marketing and design, both online and off and are a one stop destination for all your online needs.

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